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Get to the heart of Île Sainte Marie. A postcard tropical paradise where you can easily imagine pirates coming ashore with treasure chests in tow. In contrast, the upper half of the island is quite wild with plenty of room for exploration.

Your journey starts in the Nosy Boraha Canal, where the waters are calm and not very deep.  This is, where there is no threat but only the company of majestic whales/

Humpback whales are very curious and interested in humans. Though, they stay around the boat for only for a few moments, the experience is nevertheless unforgettable. Their curiosity often brings them to swim under the boats and going around the vessel. You will hopefully have the chance to observe them close up and take your amazing snaps.


The maximum monthly installments (excl. insurance) under the given quotation for a term of 18 months is Rs 1,923. The application is subject to credit assessment at Cim Finance. Deposit payment is required at Itineris. 


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1 Jul 2018 15 Sep 2018 Sonambo Hotel 3 Star 40,800 64,800 None None None None
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