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A sanctuary for the senses, the accommodation at Siddhalepa Ayurveda Health Resort provide an ideal complement to our many therapies.

The resort combines the island’s traditional aesthetics with contemporary comforts. With everything from breathtaking sunset views unfolding on your very own terrace to intimate in-room spaces where you can enjoy private Ayurveda therapies, these abodes each offer a truly distinctive home away from home where you can rest, relax and truly be yourself...



The maximum monthly installments (excl. insurance) under the given quotation for a term of 18 months is Rs 1,225. The application is subject to credit assessment at Cim Finance. Deposit payment is required at Itineris. 


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2 Jul 2018 25 Jul 2018 Siddhalepa Ayurvedic re.. 4 Star None 26,000 None None None None
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